The Delegation from Office of the Vocational Education Commission of Ministry of Education (Thailand) and ACC Visit to SWUPL

Author: Zeng Yujia Sourece: School of International Education

2018-11-01 08:55:00

At the scene of the meeting (Source: He Ming) 

Group photo (Source: He Ming)

On the morning of October 16th, Vice president Yue Caishen met Ms. Chuenjit Oktun from Office of the Vocational Education Commission of Ministry of Education (Thailand), Viharn Srihaphol, President of ACC along with their delegation of three members. Qin Jie, Dean of School of International Education, and representatives of Thai students’ base in SWUPL attended the meeting.
Yue Caishen welcomed Ms. Chuenjit Oktun and her delegation and briefed them on some situation about SWUPL. Yue noted that he hoped to seize this opportunity to promote the cooperation between our school and Thai vocational schools as well as to make further development in international students' enrollment and education. 
Ms. Chuenjit Oktun and President Viharn Srihaphol briefly introduced the information of vocational schools in Thailand and expressed their wishes to have more in-depth communication with SWUPL.
Thereafter, Qin Jie and representatives of Thai vocational schools held the meeting of enrollment cooperation of international students in the 3rd conference room of Qinye Building. Deputy Dean Yu Jinsong of School of Economics, Deputy Dean Li Yujie of Business School, teachers from School of International Education, representatives of Thai students’ base attended the meeting. Luo Linghua and Li Zhiwei, representatives of international students, were also invited to the meeting to communicate with the delegation. The meeting centered on SWUPL's enrollment system of international students and the internship of business students in SWUPL. 

The two sides also had a discussion on issues related to enrollment cooperation. Qin Jie briefed on the daily life and the scholarship program of international students in SWUPL. Yu Jinsong and Li Yujie also introduced the specific situation about the school cultivation and internship of business students. 

President Viharn Srihaphol said that SWUPL has a strong teaching staff and the beautiful campus environment. He pressed that the well-equipped facilities in the international students’ activity center would certainly help the international students settle down to the life of studying in SWUPL. The Thai side expressed their great expectation to the exchange program with SWUPL and hoped that Thai students could master the Chinese language and understand the Chinese culture, so that they could make contribution to boost commercial and cultural exchanges between China and Thailand after graduation.

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