The Associate Professor of School of Foreign Languages, Zhang Yong, Published a High-Level Academic Paper on a School-Recognized A-Class Journal

Author: Cao Yubin Sourece: School of Foreign Languages

2018-10-25 04:08:00

Recently, Zhang Yong, associate professor of School of Foreign Languages, published a high-level academic paper in a well-known international academic journal, Brain and Language, as the first author.

The screenshot of the academic paper published by Associate Professor Zhang Yong (Source: Zhang Yong)

The thesis is entitled "The Motor Features of Action Verbs: fMRI Evidence Using Picture Naming". It was jointly published by Southwest University of Political Science & Law, Southwest University, Chongqing University and Sichuan International Studies University. The first author of the thesis is Zhang Yong and the first unit is SWUPL. Brain and Language is the first-class magazine of SSCI which ranks sixth among the 182 linguistic journals included in SSCI, ranking in the top 3.3%.

Brain and Language is recognized as an A-class journal by Academic Evaluation Committee of SWUPL. The publication of the Associate Professor Zhang Yong's high-level academic paper made a large contribution to raising School of Foreign Languages academic status.

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