Hitotsubashi University Signed an Official Cooperative Agreement with SWUPL

Author: Cao Yubin, Wang Han Sourece: International Cooperation and Exchange Office

2018-10-16 04:29:00

President Fu Zitang greeted Dean TADANO Masahito and the delegation (Source: He Ming)

At the scene of the symposium (Source: He Ming)

Group photo (Source: He Ming)

On September 1st, Professor TADANO Masahito, Dean of School of Law of Hitotsubashi University; professor Aoki Hitoshi, director of Hitotsubashi University's China Affairs Office; professor WangYunhai from School of Law; and University Councilor Professor Sakai Taro visited SWUPL. President Fu Zitang greeted the delegation. Vice president Yue Caishen, and Mei Chuanqiang, Dean of School of Law, Zhang Xiaojun, Dean of School of International Law attended the symposium. The symposium was hosted by Guo Meisong, head of International Cooperation and Exchange Office.

During the symposium, vice president Yue Caishen welcomed Dean TADANO and the delegation. He introduced the history of SWUPL, state of development and relevant situation in international cooperation and exchange. Then Dean TADANO also gave a brief introduction of Hitotsubashi University. The both sides signed cooperative agreement after having discussion on exchange program and cooperation in scientific research.

Hitotsubashi University is a world-renowned research-oriented national university known as "Harvard in Asia". Hitotsubashi University is also a member of group of Japan's top national university. Its Humanities and Social Science fields ranks the top three in Japan, including Law, International Relations, Sociology and Linguistics, while Commerce ranks first in Japan.

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