Enjoying The Dragon Boat Festival And The Cultural Fragrance

Author: Tian Qiaoer Sourece: college news center

2018-07-04 11:41:00

"The 5th day of the 5th lunar month is known as the Dragon Boat Festival. Dragon-boat racing is the most popular activity during the festival, boatmen row the boat in cadence with the drumbeats." On June 14th, the international students gathered at the International Student Activity Center to make the celebration of the Dragon Boat Festival. The event was hosted by the Institute of International Education.

Group photo (source by: Zhou Minxuan)

This activity was open to all international students to spread Chinese traditional culture and promote Chinese language teaching. Foreign students could eat the Chinese rice dumplings and tie five colored rings to experience the traditional culture of the Dragon Boat Festival.

Distributing the Chinese Rice Dumplings  (source by: Zhou Minxuan)

Tying five colored rings  (source by: Zhou Minxuan)

The activity took the form of bilingual preside. Firstly, the host showed and explained the origin and customs of the Dragon Boat Festival through a multimedia projector, and introduced Qu Yuan's life and patriotism for students. Later, there was a knowledge contest of the Dragon Boat Festival. In this part, students responded positively and participated actively, which made foreign students have a deeper understanding of the Dragon Boat Festival. Followed by the activity of "Reading Chinese poetry", the beautiful words of poetry and strong emotions infected all the people present.

Knowledge contest (source by: Zhou Minxuan)

Knowledge contest (source by: Zhou Minxuan)

To know the Dragon Boat Festival, to learn about the Dragon Boat Festival and to feel the Dragon Boat Festival, the special event of " Dragon Boat Festival" was fun and educational, which enabled the international students immersed in the atmosphere of Chinese traditional culture. It was also very meaningful to promote Chinese teaching.

Reading poems  (source by: Zhou Minxuan)

Life lottery  (source by: Zhou Minxuan)

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