More Than 100 International Students Won Various Kinds of Scholarships

Author: Zhao Haiyang Sourece: college news center

2018-06-20 11:29:00

The scene of award ceremony (Source: He Ming)

President Fu Zitang presented awards to the international students (Source: He Ming)

Group photo (Source: He Ming)

On the morning of June 6th, 2017-2018 scholarship award ceremony for international Students of SWUPL was held in the 2nd conference room of Qinye Building. More than one hundred international students from 11 countries including Russia, Germany, France, South Korea, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan, won various kinds of scholarships.

President Fu Zitang attended the award ceremony and presented awards to the students. He wished that international students could during their stay in China learn Chinese, other knowledge, and Chinese culture in the new era. After graduating, they could use the knowledge they learned in SWUPL to create a better future and help build the communication bridge between China and the rest of the world. “Reading ten thousand books is like traveling ten thousand miles", as President Fu quoted, he hoped that everyone could go out of the campus and experience the development of China and the great changes brought by the reform and opening up.

Qu Yonggang, the representative of the teaching staff of the international students, encouraged foreign students to study hard in SWUPL and try their best to make contributions to their countries and society in the future. Wang Yingying and Li Gaofeng, representatives of international students, said that they would cherish the opportunity to study in SWUPL and strive to make every day in the university happy and meaningful.

It is understood that in order to expand foreign exchanges and improve the quality of education for foreign students, SWUPL has provided special funds for foreign students in China since 2009. In addition, SWUPL also exclusively set up the Principal Scholarship to support and attract outstanding students from all over the world to study in SWUPL, awarding foreign students who are excellent in character and learning.

These foreign students who came to SWUPL respectively studied at School of Economics Law, School of International Law, School of Business, School of Economics Law and School of International Education. 11 foreign students received Chongqing Municipal People's Government Mayor Scholarship. 45 foreign students received International Freshmen Scholarship of SWUPL. 44 foreign students won the First-Class President Scholarship of SWUPL, 14 foreign students won the Second-class President Scholarship of SWUPL, 7 foreign students won the Third-class President Scholarship of SWUPL, and 9 foreign students received the Excellence Award.

Leaders of Publicity Department, Students' Affairs Office, International Cooperation and Exchange Office, School of Economic Law, School of Journalism & Communication, School of Business, School of Economics School of International Education, representative of the teaching staff and representatives of foreign students attended the ceremony.

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