SWUPL Established the National Security School

Author: Gu Jialei Sourece: college news center

2018-05-30 10:00:00

At the scene of the establishment ceremony (Source: He Ming)

At the scene of the unveiling ceremony (Source: He Ming)

On the afternoon of May 22nd, in order to thoroughly implement the overall national security outlook raised by general secretary Xi Jinping, the unveiling ceremony of the National Security School of SWUPL was held in the lecture hall in Duxing Building. Secretary of the party committee of SWUPL Fan Wei, President Fu Zitang, Secretary of the party committee of school of criminal investigation Zhang Shiquan and Deputy-Dean Hu Ergui together unveiled the plaque of the School of National Security. All the school leaders witnessed this important moment with all middle-level cadres, the representatives of Doctoral tutor and master tutor.

It is introduced that the establishment of the School of National Security could be adapted to meet the demand of the national security strategy, conformed to the work arrangement of SWUPL's "Double First-Class" construction and met the current running conditions of the Criminal Investigation School, which would have positive results and great impact on multiple levels. The school would also accelerate the cultivation of the first-level subject in national security studies, make efforts to create a new brand for SWUPL, focus on research in the field of national security, and take an active part in the national security education and counseling service. So that SWUPL could provide intellectual support for the practice of the national security strategy and make contributions to cultivating loyal and trustworthy professionals specializing in national security.

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