The Short-Term Academic Program of SWUPL and University of British Columbia Started

Author: Chen Yinong Sourece: International Cooperation and Exchange Office School of International Education

2018-05-22 03:14:00

At the scene of the opening ceremony (Source: He Ming)

Group photo (Source: He Ming)

At the scene of signing ceremony (Source: He Ming)

Group photo (Source: He Ming)

On the morning of May 7th, the opening ceremony of short-term academic program between SWUPL and UBC was held successfully. Vice president of SWUPL Yue Caishen, vice president of UBC Dr. Murali Chandrashekaran, and more than 80 teachers and students from SWUPL and UBC attended the ceremony.

At the opening ceremony, vice president Yue Caishen, on behalf of SWUPL, warmly welcomed the delegation of UBC and the teachers and students participated in the program. He also encouraged students to learn from each other, deepen bilateral friendship and promote the understanding about the changes in China and Chongqing in the new era. Vice president of UBC affirmed the effect of china on the international culture competition nowadays and thought highly of the meaning of this program. He also put forward his expectations to both the Chinese and Canadian students with the motto of UBC, "The future is up to you". Dr. Xiao Yifu, the Leader of the UBC program, and Han Wei, the teachers' representative from SWUPL, provided a brief the introduction to the project. After that, students' representative from SWUPL and UBC also gave their passionate speech respectively.

It's learned that SWUPL had an exchange program with UBC in 2013 for the first time. Since then, SWUPL has annually sent students to UBC. Moreover, this short-term academic project is the first time that our school accepts UBC students to study in our school, and is the largest number of students from UBC participating in the program. What's more, this is also the first academic short-term program in the field of social sciences organized by the two schools. The courses of this program was jointly designed by both sides. Teachers and students learned from each other based on two themes:"China's Development after Reform and Opening-up" and “Urban planning in the 21st Century – Taking Chongqing and Vancouver as examples”. The project had arranged 18 professional lectures, 14 field trips and cultural experience activities, and 12 after-school seminars. A total of 15 professors from China and Canada attended the lecture. This academic program breaked the traditional mode of Chinese teachers and students' going to Canada and opened the new way of Canadian teachers and students' studying in China. Under the background of globalization, cross-border learning, sharing, and cooperation among college teachers and students become an important goal on internationalized strategy and cultivating outstanding talents and future leaders.

On the morning of the same day, our university also held a renewal ceremony of the cooperation agreement with the University of British Columbia (UBC). The two parties jointly signed a cooperation agreement and continue to carry out the exchanges and cooperation. It is understood that SWUPL became one of the first five universities to sign the cooperation agreement with UBC, led by Chongqing Municipal Commission of Education. The two sides agreed to carry out activities of exchange and cooperation in including teachers and students' exchange, academic conference and scientific research. In 2014, SWUPL signed an agreement of summer exchange program in academic courses with UBC and carry out short-term exchange program for our students during the summer holiday.

It is known that UBC is a famous public research university in Canada. As a world-class university, UBC’s academic strength has remained in the top 35 of the world for many years, and it is one of the top 20 public universities globally. The academic program between SWUPL and UBC would be helpful to enhance the reputation of our school in the world and to promote the “Double -First Class construction" in our school.

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