Effectively Converge the Alumni Resources to Promote the Development of the School

Author: Tian Qiaoer, Zhao Haiyang Sourece: college news center

2018-05-17 12:09:00

Scene of the conference (source by He Ming)

In order to unite alumni and converge social resources to promote the construction of "Double -First Class",on the afternoon of May 4th, the conference of Alumni work was held in SWUPL. The secretary of the Party Committee in SWUPL Fan Wei, leaders of relevant functional departments and schools attended the meeting. And the vice principal Liu Ge presided at the meeting.

Fan Wei fully affirmed the significant contribution of alumni in the supporting the development of SWUPL. As for how the alumni work serves "Double First Class Construction", Fan Wei emphasized two aspects: "How to treat the alumni resources" and "How to use the alumni resources". He said that we would always belong to SWUPL. We should treat all alumni equally. Every schoolfellow is important to school. Even if he told the students a story of pioneering works or shared the experience of hard life. These were valuable assets and respectable resources.

How to excavate alumni resources? Fan Wei hoped that we could focus on the urgent goal of building contributing First Class Discipline. We also needed to consider of how alumni play an important supporting role for the construction of talent cultivation, discipline construction, scientific research, and faculty development. They also could provide students with internships, entrepreneurship, employment and assistance scholarships. It also could provide academic resources and horizontal subject cooperation for teacher.

When talking about serving the alumni and "how to build the alumni relationship", the secretary of the Party Committee Fan Wei said passionately that SWUPL would always be in your resume and never be worn away once you studied or worked in SWUPL. We would provide alumni with a platform for memories, so that they could remember "homesickness" and SWUPL. For example, we are planning to build an alumni gallery, placed group photos, personal photos, and various landscape photos from 50 years ago to the present. In this way, let our alumni find their memories from the alumni gallery. What's more, we will also set up more platforms for our alumni to propagandize, cooperate and get information easily. In short, alumni work must have a high station and a wide field of vision to develop alumni resources.

Vice-principal Liu Ge stressed we need to renew our concepts about alumni work and cooperate with each department, should play the role of the college, counselor, tutor, etc. to serve our alumni, so that we could expand alumni resources and make full use of it. The director of Domestic Cooperation Office Wang Qun reported conditions of alumni and three action plans for alumni to support their alma mater. Heads of related school and functional department gave some advice on discipline construction, the establishment of scientific research, teaching staff construction and personnel training. 

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