The Conference of Exchanging the Experience of Promoting Law Core Periodicals’ Influence Was Held in SWUPL

Author: Zhang Feiyi, Gao Shangqi Sourece: Journal Press

2018-04-26 12:04:00

At the Scene of the Conference (Source: He Ming)

Group Photo (Source: He Ming)

From April 14th to 15th, the conference of exchanging the experience of promoting law core periodicals' influence was held in SWUPL. Before the conference began, Principal Fu Zitang expressed his warm welcome and genuine gratitude to all the representatives of law core periodicals. He stressed that enhancing the cooperation and experience exchange among law core periodicals plays a crucial role in promoting the university's "Double Tops" construction and also has a profound impact on it.

At the meeting, Vice Principal Tang Li, introduced the basic situation about the the development of subjects and the periodicals' publication. He also expressed thanks to representatives from all the law core periodicals for giving us a great deal of precious experience. The editors of each periodical then introduced their own basic situation and shared the experience of running a periodical. Research Department, Advanced Research Institute, Schools and Subjects of SWUPL carried on a heated discussion about Legal Academic Frontier, Interdisciplinary integration, the Growth Point of subjects and the periodical's construction.

During the meeting, the periodicals' chief editors, Associate Editor and editors respectively had in-depth discussion and exchange of views on discipline construction, the selection of essay topic, paper quality, essay writing and Paper Composition with each school and subject. All representatives of schools and subjects generally considered that this activity was of great practical significance to enhance the comprehensive strength of scientific research in SWUPL's "Double Tops" construction.

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