SWUPL is Honorably Granted the First Level Doctorate Degree Awarding Unit in Journalism and communication

Author: Gao Shangqi Sourece: college news center

2018-04-10 09:43:00

Screenshot (Source: the website of the Ministry of Education)

Yesterday, the State Council Academic Degrees Committee issued a list of the newly increased doctorate and master degrees awarding units in 2017. SWUPL is honorably granted the first level doctorate degree awarding unit in journalism and communication, which has achieved a zero breakthrough of the Doctoral degree awarding units in subjects other than law in SWUPL and a zero breakthrough of the Doctoral degree awarding units in journalism and communication in Chongqing. It is also the first time that the University of Law has a doctorate degree awarding in journalism and communication nationwide.

It is learned that our school has also newly increased master degree granting units in international business and tax. Besides, the already-authorized Master degree secondary discipline of enterprise management (including financial management, marketing and human resource management) is upgraded to the first level Master degree authorization of Business Administration.

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