A New Smester: Good Order On The First Day of School

Author: Chen Kexin Sourece: college news center

2018-03-16 02:13:00

President Fu Zitang and Vice-president Yue Caishen inspected for teaching attachments (Source: He Ming)

Vice-president Liu Ge inspected for food safety (Source: Jin Ke)

New digital voice lab enabled (Source: Jin Ke)

Good class order (Source: He Ming)

  On the morning of February 26th, our school ushered in a new semester, but also ushered in a new beginning. Teachers and students stepped into SWUPL with full of vigor and vitality as usual. During the first day of the term, President Fu Zitang and Vice-President Yue Caishen Leading the heads of relevant functional departments inspected all aspects of the tasks, and greeting to teachers and students for the new term. Besides, all the deans, counsellors and teaching supervisions who come from different academies have paid more attention to teaching situation.

  Under the leadership of president Fu Zitang, they inspected in Du Xing building and Yu Cai building for the teaching situation, especially class attendance, discipline as well as teaching attachments. According to the results of the inspection, teachers and students were in good states with good working equipment, and clean and tidy teaching environment. All the members of SWUPL has prepared for the new semester with full spirit and energy.

  Under the leadership of Vice-President Liu Ge, they checks various aspects such as canteens, student dormitories, switch board room, etc., to protect food safety, fire safety, and campus environment. She emphasized the campus security must be put in the first position. Determined to strengthen the building of campus security, relevant departments should formulate a plan to improve the level of secure manage, strengthen safety education for college teachers and students, enhance they awareness of fire prevention.

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