Volunteering in the Beautiful Campus to Learn from Lei Feng

Author: Zhang Feiyi; Gao Shangqi Sourece: college news center

2018-03-13 08:18:00

Gathering (Source: Zhou Xiaojia)

Picking up leaves on the grass (Source: Huang Rui)

Collecting garbage (Source: Huang Rui)

Pulling out weeds in front of the library (Source: Zhou Xiaojia)

  In the warm March we honor the memory of Lei Feng. March 5th in 2018 is the 55th "Learn from Lei Feng Day" as well as the 19th "Chinese Youth Volunteer Service Day". In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of CPC, learn from Xi Jinping's thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era and furtherly carry forward the spirit of volunteering in the school, Youth League committee of SWUPL, Committee of the CPC SWUPL Branch and the Faculty & Staff Union of SWUPL organized 150 student volunteers and 80 teaching staff volunteers in Shapingba campus and Yubei campus to carry out the learn-from-Lei Feng youth volunteer service activity themed by " volunteer service in the Beautiful Campus".

  Hundreds of volunteers, wearing cotton gloves, cleaned up the garbage, leaves and weeds in the campus actively and collected them in the garbage bags for centralized disposal. Many passing students stopped to take photos for the volunteers and praise them. Some people even joined in the cleaning team spontaneously, to maintain the campus environment and keep the campus tidy and beautiful. Yuan Kai, a student from the School of Global Journalism and Communication, mentioned that, in a new era, new youth should take Lei Feng as a model and commit ourselves into the volunteer service team voluntarily. Through this activity, we well inherited and promoted the spirit of Lei Feng in practice, fulfill our mission, and show the charisma of youth volunteers, It also made the spirit of Lei Feng deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, Let the volunteer spirit shine!

  Yan Yi, the Secretary of the Youth League Committee, Said this was the first volunteer activity organized by School League committee of SWUPL, Committee of the CPC SWUPL Branch and the Faculty & Staff Union of SWUPL in cooperation. The Youth League committee of SWUPL would regard this activity as an opportunity to improve the "Volunteer Service+" system, inheriting the spirits of volunteer service, which involve taking contribution, philanthropy, helping each other and progressing. And the Youth League committee of SWUPL also called on people to be the advocator, the practitioner and the promoter of Lei Feng Spirit, keeping it neck and neck with the modern society and flourishing in school.

  It is learned that this year SWUPL would hold a series of volunteer service activities to boost the development of school, meet students and teachers' demands, put new ideas into practice and embrace the new era, making the spirit of volunteer service rooted in SWUPL and dedicating our efforts to " Double-First Class" construction.

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