A Training Session for Exchange Students in the 2018 Spring Term in SWUPL

Author: Chen Yinong Sourece: International Cooperation and Exchange Office

2018-03-09 11:18:00

Meeting Scene (Source:Li Muzi)

Group Photo (Source:Li Muzi)

   On the afternoon of January 3rd, Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges arranged a training session for students of the exchange program of 2018 spring term in the 2nd Conference Room, Qinye Building. Exchange students, who will study abroad in the 2018 spring term, joined the conference. And Ju Yiya, the Head of division of Student Exchange Programmers, Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges, held the meeting.

  During the meeting, Ju Yiya emphasized some matters needing attention about studying abroad, such as safety to life and property, political correctness, the objective of studying abroad, the adherence to laws and regulations in foreign countries or schools, and ways to seek consular protection. She also expressed her best wishes to the students, hoping that they make progress in study, enjoy their lives and finish their studies successfully. After the session, all the participants took a group photo in front of Qinye Building together.

  The training session before departure deepened exchange students’ understanding of studying and living abroad as well as increased their safety awareness, which would help them make good preparations and complete their studies successfully.

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