Korean Scholar Professor Kim Jong-il Delivered A Colloquium for the Teachers and Students in Civil and Commercial Law School

Author: Gao Shangqi Sourece: Civil and Commercial Law School

2018-03-01 10:00:00

Group photo (Source:Liu Nanlin)

  On the afternoon of January 18th, Korean scholar Dr.Kim Jong-il, the chairman of the Korea Arbitration Commission as well as the president of Debtor Regeneration Law Society, who takes part in “The Recruitment Program for High-Level Overseas Talents”, was invited to deliver a colloquium in the teaching and research office of Zhili Building. Other officials present included Prof.Zhao Wanyi, Dean of Civil and Commercial Law School, Li Zhaoyu, Assistant Dean of Civil and Commercial Law School, Assistant Prof.Xu Lai and representatives of Master degree candidates and Doctor degree candidates from Civil and Commercial Law School. Mr.Li Yang, as the interpreter, hosted the meeting.

  During the meeting, Prof.Kim Jong-Il gave an introduction to the current situations of the Korea Arbitration Commission, the study on commercial arbitration and Debtor Regeneration in Korea. He also interacted with teachers and students present about the recognition and enforcement of foreign commercial arbitration judgment in Korea. At the same time, his suggestions on how to write and publish academic these for Masters and Doctors were responded warmly by the students. Besides, Prof.Kim had a detailed discussion with the Doctor degree candidates from Civil and Commercial Law School on the pledge of moveable property, emphasizing on the trend of the revolution of the modern system of the pledge of moveable property, he gave his own opinions on the different situations of the practice of moveable property guarantee system between China and Korea. In his opinion, students should not only perfect knowledge structure according to the research fields, but also lay emphasis on the combination of theory and practice, taking the initiative to learn the latest academic achievements all over the world.

  The meeting lasted three hours. Dean Zhao Wanyi appraised it as a meaningful communication, and Assistant Dean Li Zhaoyu hoped to have more academic exchange opportunities in the future. This meeting broadened students' international horizons and had a better understanding of Arbitration Law and Bankruptcy Law in Korea. More importantly, it also inspired students to be open-minded about the learning and research methods of law, playing an active part in the communication and cooperation between WonKwang University, the Korea Arbitration Commission and our school.

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