Our University's Economic Law Teaching team was selected by the Ministry of Education as "Huang Danian type teacher team in National Colleges and Universities"

Author: Peng Ziyan Sourece: college news center

2018-02-13 04:27:00

The group photo of  the SWUPL economic law teachers team (Source: School of Economic Law)

  Recently, the Ministry of Education announced the results of the "Huang Danian type teacher team in national colleges and universities". The SWUPL economic law teachers team, by Dean of the school of economic law Lu Daifu as the head, was successfully shortlisted for the first group of "Huang Danian type teacher team in National Colleges and Universities". This time, a total of 201 teams from the country's 200 colleges and universities nationwide were selected.

  The purpose of building a "Huang Danian type teacher team" is to lead teachers and researchers in colleges and universities to comrade Huang Danian as an example, learning his dedication and noble sentiment, sincere service to teaching, and indifferent to fame and wealth, dedicated; learning from Comrade Huang’s qualities, such as the patriotism, patriotic ambition is incorporated in the great cause of reform and development of the motherland, is incorporated in the great struggle of the people make history, starts from oneself, starts from our labor post, contributed wisdom and strength to realize “Two Centenary Goals”, and the China Dream of national rejuvenation.

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