SWUPL held the exclusive activity of introducing high art into campus

Author: Gu Jialei Sourece: college news center

2018-01-09 05:00:00

Performance scene (source: Zeng Yi)

The stage photo of Snow in Midsummer·The Death of Dou E (source: Luo Qian)

The stage photo of Mistress Xianglin (source: Luo Qian)

The stage photo of Celestial Beauty Scattering Flowers (source: Luo Qian)

The stage photo of The Romance of a Hairpin (source: Luo Qian)

The stage photo of The Legend of the White Snake (source: Luo Qian)

The stage photo Liangzhu· Eighteen (source: Luo Qian)

The stage photo of Chen Sanliang·Scolding in Court (source: Luo Qian)

Group photo (source: Luo Qian)

  On the evening of November 22nd, the exclusive activity of introducing high art into campus was held in the Academic Report Hall on the second floor of the Duxing Building. Sponsored by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Finance, organized by Zhejiang Yue Opera Troupe, the performance attracted about five hundred teachers and college students including many international students, to appreciate the charm of Yue Opera and absorbe the nourishment of Chinese traditional high arts.

  The special performance  presented many well-known and classic stories, including Mistress Xianglin, Liangzhu and so on. It was kicked off by a song & dance show《Showing the World a New Look of special China》, which was created and adapted by Zhejiang Yue Opera Troupe. The actors and actresses expressed people's high spirits and full energy. Another act of Yue Opera named《Snow in Midsummer·The Death of Dou E》drew tears from the audience, which was given by the outstanding and youth actress Liu Liying. She wore a white prison uniform, accompanied by melancholy tone of erhu, to express Dou E's deep resentment at the unfairness of her destiny. Besides,《Celestial Beauty Scattering Flowers》festively singing and dancing,《The Legend of the White Snake》conveying a exceedingly sentimental feelings,《Chen Sanliang·Scolding in Court》with upright and selfless characters and 《The Romance of a Hairpin》known as one of the Four South Operas were also thought highly of by the audience, winning waves of applause from time to time. Finally, the classic opera《Liangzhu· Eighteen》given by national first-level actress Liao Qiying and national second-level actor Ma Yujia brought the performance to a climax, and won high praise from the audience.

  It is known that the exclusive activity of introducing high arts into campus for Yue Opera will continue and Zhejiang Yue Opera Troupe will give performance to ten colleges in Anhui, Hunan, etc., so that more and more university students can get familiar with Yue Opera and gain insight of it and enjoy the charm of high arts.

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