International Students in Our School Participated in 2017 Special Art Tour

Author: Zhao Haiyang,Chen Yinong Sourece: college news center

2017-11-30 07:46:00

Art tour on the scene (Source:Luo Zhenghao)

  "stay true to the mission, realize the dream for Charity." A special art tour was held by Chongqing Disabled Persons’ Federation and Jiangbei Disabled Persons’ Federation on the Guanyinqiao Square.  The purpose is remind people that show loving care for the disabled, promote mainstream themes and transfer the positive energy.

  Six overseas students of International Education took part in this activity, including Kim Taeyou(Korea), Simon(Germany), Lucas(France), Olga(Russia), Pierre(France), Youjia(Laos). Two well-known Chinese songs "Tian Mi Mi" and "Mo Li Hua" were  performed by them to deliver the love for the disabled.

  Firstly, the six students sang popular songs in their own languages as the introductions of themselves. Then, they expressed “Welcome” and “Thanks” through sign language. The performance was successful after the hours of rehearsing hard of the students and patient guidance by Teacher Fan Jie of the School League Committee.

  Kim Taeyou (Korea)said, “In order to give a better performance of these song, we’ve rehearsed attentively and we hope to pass the love to the audience and the disabled. We share the same love, although we’re from different countries.” Youjia from Laos highly praised the disable performers, “I think they are great. Although they cannot hear the sound, they can dance as good as normal people. I really enjoy today’s performance and I hope to show our love to them.”  

  “I’ m grateful to SWUPL for providing us with an international platform to make more disabled people feel the love from all over the world. Thank you everyone for your support!” The Tour Director said, “No matter in China or in other countries around the world, the disabled group needs more care from society, and it‘s always a better way to pass the love on with the borderless music.”

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