campus-publicity Week is Held in SWUPL for the First Time

Author: Gao Shangqi, He Jiayi Sourece: college news center

2017-11-21 12:07:00

At the scene of Meeting(Source:He Ming)

The group photo(Source:He Ming)

  From November 10th to 11th, the campus-publicity week for the overseas-study programs was held in SWUPL. On the morning of 10th, a exchange meeting for the related officials of different international programs was held at the Third Conference Room of Qinxue Building. The officials present included Guo Meisong, Head of International Cooperation and Exchange Office; Officials of overseas programs from the United States, the UK and Australia; and student representatives attended the conference.

  Yue Caishen, vice-principal of SWUPL, extended a warm welcome to all the Officials of overseas programs and said that the international cooperation and exchanges between universities was an integral part of General Secretary Xi Jinping's proposal to build a community of destiny. SWUPL always attached great importance to the international cooperation and exchanges, which was also an essential measure to boost the international development of our school. And he wished the meeting a complete success.

  During the meeting, officials of overseas programs spoke actively, shared their experience on exchange programs and put forward some good opinions and suggestions to help promote the cooperation. On November 11th, related officials of 14 international exchange programs introduced their characteristics, superiorities, application-specific requirements and so forth. On the afternoon of November 10th,they also demonstrated the publicity materials of their programs in front of the Student Activity Center and answered questions raised by students.

  It was the first time for our university to hold the campus-publicity week for the overseas-study programs. It not only deepened students' understanding but also assisted students to be well prepared for the overseas-study, which laid a solid foundation for the further development of our school’s International Cooperation and Exchange Program.

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