SWUPL Launching the "Experience the SWUPL” Project of 2017

Author: Chen Tianran Sourece: college news center

2017-08-03 11:22:00

Opening ceremony on the scene (Source:He Ming)

Group photo (Source:He Ming)

  On the morning of May 18th, the opening ceremony of the project "Experience the SWUPL”of 2017 was held at the academic hall, first floor of Yu Cai Building. 68 foreign teachers and students from 15 universities in 8 countries and regions participated in the project. And the opening ceremony was chaired by Vice Principal Yuan Yongxin.

  Principal Fu Zitang spoke in English, “Experiencing the summer project of SWUPL” is a card made by our school for the international cooperation and communication field, which aims to help overseas students learn more about China's Law, economy, society, language and culture, etc. Meanwhile, he also expressed the hope that foreign students could make Chinese friends, have a pleasant experience and choose Chongqing and SWUPL as their further study destination. He also hoped that the 68 students could have a preliminary understanding of Chinese legal, cultural, social and other aspects of knowledge in the limited two weeks, become the bridge and link to strengthen the partnership of SWUPL and foreign exchange institutions, and enhance the international influence of our SWUPL.

  Qin Jie, Dean of Stilwell International School, Associate Professor Zhu Ying, Teacher of the Summer Projects, Kim Tae-woo, Representative of foreign students and Li Jiayang, Representative of student volunteers made speeches on both SWUPL and the "Experience the SWUPL” Project. Representatives of relevant functional departments and school superintendents attended the opening ceremony.

  It’s learned that "Experience the SWUPL” is held annually and lasts for two weeks, and it is held for the fourth time. During the project, teachers and students learn Chinses languages, cultures, laws, politics, economies, calligraphy and Kong fu as well as visit scenic spots in Chongqing including Ciqikou ancient town, Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum and Chongqing garden expo garden.

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