SWUPL's First Enrollment Base in Thailand

Author: Chen Tianran Sourece: college news center

2017-06-26 10:17:00

At the scene of Meeting (source:Xiao Yao)

Group Photo (source:Xiao Yao)

  The morning of April 25th saw the arrival of delegates from United High school of Thailand.Officials attending the symposia included Yuan Yongxin,Vice Principal of SWUPL, and officials from SWUPL School of International Law , School of Economic, School of Management, Teaching Affairs Department and International Affairs Department.

  Later, Yuan Yongxin gave a speech in which he stressed that SWUPL attached great importance to the cooperation with schools in ASEAN countries. The cooperation with Thai high schools is SWUPL’s first cooperation with foreign high schools and also the key breakthrough in SWUPL’s international communication which is of great significance in admitting top oversea students. Yuan Yongxin also expressed his hope that SWUPL and Thai high schools could further enhance and deepen our cooperation and more Thai students would choose SWUPL for further study.

  Following on, delegates from both Thai school and representatives from SWUPL had a deep discussion regarding bachelor degree programs for Thai students.

  With a long history and quality educational resources, United High school of Thailand is top among Thai high schools and has cultivated a number of top graduates. In February, delegent from SWUPL came to United High school of Thailand for the MOU signing and set up an enrollment base. It’s anticipated that over 20 high school graduates from United High school of Thailand will apply for SWUPL’s bachelor degree programs.

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