SWUPL signed a cooperation and exchange agreement with the Fifth Circuit of the Supreme People's Court

Author: Liang Zhishan Sourece: college news center

2017-04-17 07:50:00

A scene of the signing ceremony (Source: the principal’s office)

A group photo taken of the participants (Source: the principal’s office)

  On the morning of March 30th, the Fifth Circuit of the Supreme People's Court signed a cooperation and exchanges agreement with Chongqing’s colleges and Chongqing Bar Association. Li Shaoping, the vice president of the Fifth Circuit of the Supreme People's Court, attended the signing ceremony and made a speech,together with the director of Chongqing Judicial Bureau Lin Yujun, the principal of Southwest University of Political Science and Law Fu Zitang, the vice principal of Chongqing University Meng Weidong, the president of Chongqing Bar Association Han Deyun.

  At the colloquium before the signing ceremony, Li Shaoping expressed his three expectations of the future cooperation:

  First, innovative formats should be seen in the following exchanges and cooperation. Based on the summarized experience of the cooperation with colleges in Chongqing and Chongqing Bar Associations, the Fifth Circuit of the Supreme People’s Court should expand the breadth and depth of the cooperation with colleges in Chongqing and Chongqing Bar Association in the circuit, build an open cooperation framework, construct a rich platform for cooperation, smooth the communication channels, and form a real win-win working situation with shared resources, complementary advantages and mutual communication.

  Second, new experience of benign interaction between theory and practice should be continuously summed up. The Fifth Circuit of the Supreme People’s Court should normalize, institutionalize and standardize the exchanges and cooperation. Closely combined with the economy and society condition in southwest areas, the characters of national frontier and the practical judicial work, an established and improved cooperation system should be set up. Besides, the cooperation should constantly explore new methods, new measures, and summarize the new experience to set out a characteristic cooperation path, and to provide material and reference for the People’s Courts’ s external exchanges.

  Third, judicial reform should be constantly improved and deepen in order to reach a new level of "People's Judicatory" and "Judicial Justice". Through the cooperation, new mechanism of "People's Judicatory" are hoped to be perfected. Also, the cooperation should explore new methods to make people more convenient and beneficial, construct a career relationship that judges and lawyers can have benign interaction, promote judicial publicity and fairness, hopefully it can make every measure of judicial reform take root in the Fifth Circuit of the Supreme People’s Court, and make people obtain more from the judicial work.

  During the meeting,Principal Fu Zitang mentioned that, SWUPL will actively seize this opportunity, comprehensively promote the transformation of education and innovate studens’ development system in order to cultivate a batch of reserve force who are familiar with and insist on the socialist rule of law with Chinese feature. In the meantime, he hoped that all components can convene regular working coordination, form a daily cooperative mechanism, promote all the affairs including cooperative survey, case study and so on, so that all the advantages can be further made used of and cooperative space and potential can be excavated.

  According to the agreement, SWUPL will establish a dozen mechanisms with the Fifth Circuit of the Supreme People’s Court, including interns’ selecting and sending, cooperative study, two-way affair communication and law theoretical and educational practical interaction and so on. What’ more, to promote benign interaction between trial practice department and academy, SWUPL will send internal student for internship, carry out trials’ theoretical research and others in the cooperation.

  In this signing ceremony, the Fifth Circuit of the Supreme People’s Court also signed with Chongqing University and Chongqing Bar Association.

  Yue Caishen, vice principal of SWUPL and relative staffs in the principal’s office, dean’s office, graduate school, civil and commercial law school, law school also participated in the signing ceremony.




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