Ministry of Education Investigate the Chinese Government Scholarship Students' Culture Condition

Author: Li Xuwei Sourece: college news center

2017-04-11 07:48:00

Group photo (Source:Jin ren ke)

Report on the scene (Source:Jin ren ke)   

  On the morning of March 24th, Wang Yong, Liu Yanqing, experts of the National Bureau of Ministry of Education, and Li Bin, Vice Master of International Department in Chongqing Education Committee, made an investigation on the culture condition of Chinese Government Scholarship.

  Before the meeting, Fan Wei, Fu Zitang and Yuan Yongxin, leaders of Southwest University of Political Science & Law, had a communication with the experts, focusing on the foreign students' cultivation and education.

  On the report-back meeting, Fu Zitang pointed our school had a long history in foreign students admission. We are veteran, for we have been cultivating foreign students since 1980s. With the agreement of more than 60 universities from 15 countries, we admit long-term and short-term exchange students, forming abundant and multi-layered structure. We are delighted with the foreign students in enrolling, cultivating, rewarding, supporting   and managing. To improve SWUPL's international education process and influence, we have positively applied for the admitting qualification in the recent years. Honored to be in the investigating enrollment, we hope experts present at this meeting could give us lots of instruction and help with overall investigation.

  Wang Yong briefly introduced the construction and development of the Chinese Government Scholarship and elaborated the meaning of international cultural exchange. He fully affirmed the importance of the works toward foreign students, highly appreciated the close cooperation between SWUPL and ASEAN countries and put forward the expectations and suggestions to SWUPL.

  Li, deputy of International Cooperation and exchange office in Chongqing Board of Education made a brief introduction to foreign students in Chongqing's universities. At the same time, Guo Meisong, the deputy director of SWUPL's International Cooperation and Exchange Department, made a report on the works of the SWUPL's foreign students in the aspects of SWUPL's features and advantages as well as the condition of the International Cooperation and Exchange Department.

  Director of relevant departments, the head of the schools as well as representatives of foreign  teachers and students, nearly 40 people, presented the meeting. After then, experts investigated the library, classrooms and dormitory of the foreign students.

  It is said that the Chinese Government Scholarship is an agreement between Chinese government and foreign governments. It was provided by Ministry of Education. As for the admission and management of foreign students who deserved the scholarship, China Scholarship Council is responsible for it. According to students' category, the scholarship is divided into plenty of categories, containing Bachelor's Degree Scholarship, Master's Degree Scholarship, Doctor's Degree Scholarship, Chinese Language Advanced Student Scholarship, General Advanced Student Scholarship and Senior Advanced Student Scholarship. While according to the program, it is divided into Great Wall Scholarship,Distinguished Students Scholarship, HSK Winners Scholarship, Foreign Chinese Teacher Short-term Main Project and Chinese Culture Research Project.

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