SWUPL and SIOP Make Joint Efforts in the "Double First-rate Constructions"

Author: Chen Tianran Sourece: college news center

2017-04-11 05:36:00

Signing ceremony of the scene(source:He Ming)

     On the afternoon of March 27th,representatives from State Intellectual Property Office of Chongqing(SIOP) came to SWUPL for the intellectual property strategic cooperation(included in the national 13th Five-Year Plan) agreement signing. Officials present included Li Dianxun, Secretary of Chongqing Municipal Science& Technology Work Commission and Director of Chongqing Municipal Science& Technology Commission,Yuan Jie,Deputy Director of Chongqing Municipal Science& Technology Commission and General Director of SIOP of Chongqing, Fan Wei,Secretary of the CPC of SWUPL,as well as Yue Caishen, Vice-Principal of SWUPL. The signing ceremony was hosted by Professor Zhao Wanyi, Dean of SWUPL School of Intellectual Property.
      According to the agreement, both sides will make joint efforts during the the national 13th Five-Year Plan Period with the following specific contents:Building the relevant platform coordinately and cultivating talents in IP Law with a global vision;Taking the initiative to form the research highlands in the field IP Law;Conducting research in innovative development and IP law;Accelerating the oversea layout and risk guard in IP law. The strategic cooperation agreement will meet the enormous demands of China and Chongqing in IP. By relying on SWUPL’s disciplines ,both sides will conduct research in related projects and policies of IP law,which will help SWUPL's "Double First-rate Constructions",offer advice to the Chongqing Municipal People's Government and the Chongqing's innovative actors, as well as provide China's IP development with  intellectual support.
      After the signing ceremony,Li Dianxun guested on the China's IP Expert Forum and made the reported on “China's Current Innovation-driven Growth---Analysis Based on the Status and Future Development of Chongqing.”. The report was divided into reasons and methods of Innovation-driven Growth. Focusing on how to accelerate Innovation-driven Growth,Li stressed the importance of fully comprehending the essence of Innovation-driven Growth, precisely grasping the technology trend, rationally facing Chongqing's science and technology actuality and enhancing the supports of  technology,capital,and innovation ecosystem.
      It's known that SWUPL is the precursor university that has established the education of IP.In the year of 2008, SWUPL's “Applied and Compounded Talent Cultivating Mode in IP” was titled as the National Test Area of Talent Cultivation. In the year of 2016, SWUPL's "Innovative Team for International IP Talent Cultivation" was listed in the National Special Funds Project for Universities Constructions. In the same year, SWUPL's "International IPR Protection Courses" was titled as the MOE's Second Batch of Quality Courses for International Students. Also in that year,SWUPL's "IPR Protection& Innovation Center" applied for the Forth Batch of Chongqing's Project 2011 Innovation Center and was already included in the Key University Training Center.

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