Chinese new year was celebrated in the Confucius Institute at the University of Montana

Author: You Simin Sourece: college news center

2017-03-01 04:27:00

The gala of the scene(source:Song Bishu)

Acting principal Shella Stearns making the speech(source:Song Bishu)

The performance of the songs of the Spring Festival(source:Song Bishu)

  Learning paper cutting, practicing Chinese calligraphy, pasting couplets, handcrafting masks of Beijing Opera, singing Chinese songs... During the Spring Festival of 2017, the Confucius Institute at the University of Montana held a series of activities in order to celebrate the Chinese new year. The annual Spring Festival Gala and Chinese talents show is an important event for the Confucius Institute to promote Chinese culture, which provides not only a stage for local Chinese learners but also a window for the spectators to appreciate Chinese culture.

  The Gala began with the new year message of Shella Stearns, acting principal of UM. She congratulated the attendants on Chinese lunar new year with an American accent and thanked the Confucius Institute for its contribution on the international exchange of UM. Clay Christian, Director of the Education Department of Montana State and a trustee of the Confucius Institute Council, sent his congratulatory video on purpose, and highly praised the efforts made by the Confucius Institute for the bilateral cultural exchanges. The former Secretary of State Montana Linda Moculloch attended the Gala intentionally flying from Helena, the capital city of the state, and spoke highly of the cultural activities held in Montana community by the Confucius Institute.

  Accompanied on the piano by Chen Suhan, dean of the Confucius Institute, a big screen showed the institute’s teaching and cultural activities over the past year. Afterwards, schoolchildren from the Lewis & Clark Primary School performed the warming-up songs you and me, listen to the stories of the past, little stars, and little swallow. Students from three public high schools in Missoula brought a youthful song suite including Lake Baikal and story of a small town, and hot dances Montana taste and Chinese chopsticks dance. Teachers from the Confucius Institute showed the Taiji Kung Fu Fan in 52 poses and Chinese folk dance. Touched by the video and the performance, many American parents expressed their hope that their children would be able to participate in the next year’s Chinese projects of the Confucius Institute.

  Lovely panda, hanging red lanterns, colorful balloons, red Chinese knots embraced the Missoula citizens with a deep Chinese flavor. The gala also attracted many primary and secondary school principals in Missoula, students and parents, local Chinese and other community residents, which laid the groundwork for the following Chinese language projects and cultural projects in Montana.

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