Opening Ceremony of the 10th Training course of China-ASEAN Legal Training Base

Author: Chen Chen Sourece: collge news center

2017-01-04 09:27:00

The opening ceremony (Source:He Ming)  

Group photo (Source:He Ming)

  On the morning of Dec 5th, the opening ceremony of the 10th training program of China-Asian legal training base and 2016 ASEAN PhD and Master program of SWUPL was held in the first meeting room of Qingye building. Guests attended the ceremony included Vice President of the China Law Society Zhang Mingqi, General Secretary of Chong Qing Law Society Chen Zhongdong, and Vice President of SWUPL Yuan Yongxin and Yue Caishen. The ceremony was hosted by Yue Caishen.

  Vice President Yuan introduced the development of China-ASEAN international institute of law and China-ASEAN legal research center. He expressed that SWUPL would provide for the system construction and high level law talents, helping to build it into a high level international communication platform.

  Secretary-general of Chong Qing law society Chen said it would make contribution to the communication between China and ASEAN under the policy of“One Belt and One Road”

  Zhang Mingqi initially recapitulated the history of the exchanges and development of law between China and ASEAN, and emphasized the closely related and mutually dependent relationship of the two sides separated only by a strip of water. Afterwards, Zhang proposed working hard to promote the cooperation and development of regional government by law against China’s basal strategy of rule the state by law during the practice of One Belt and One Road Initiative. He also hoped the trainees would become friendly envoys in this region and continue to further the exchanges of regional rule of law construction.

  Student representative of the master and the PhD class and Secretary of State for the Ministry of justice of Cambodia, Chan Sotheavy recalled the cooperation progress of the Ministry of justice of Cambodia and China-ASEAN Legal Research Center. He also wished that more and more Cambodian students would study in China, and study in SWUPL.

  Yu Jiafu, the student representative of the further-research class and a partner of Malaysia Jiafu united law firm, presented that China has been affecting the world economy, lifestyle and, of course, law system. He conveyed that the further-research class is a splendid platform for communication and interactive learning, and showed his gratitude to CHINA LAW SOCIETY and the efforts SWUPL has made.

  Vice President of the China Law Society Zhang had a talk with state secretary of Cambodia ministry of justice Chan Sotheavy before the ceremony.

  Representatives of the headmaster's office, international cooperation and exchange office, scientific research department, Graduate School, School of international law, China ASEAN Legal Research Center and other units attended the opening ceremony.


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