Chinese Culture Week being held in the Confucius Institute of University of Montana

Author: Chen Chen Sourece: College New Center

2016-11-07 10:15:00


Talent Show (source:the Confucius Institute of University of Montana)  

Paper-cut show (source:the Confucius Institute of University of Montana)

  In the golden autumn of October, the annual Chinese Culture Week is being held in Missoula, celebrate China’s National Day and Confucius Institute Day. A series of colorful cultural activities held by the Confucius Institute is also running.

  On September 30,a talent show was held in the theater on the third floor of student activity center in University of Montana(UM). Students from 3 senior high schools and 2 elementary schools in Missoula put on various wonderful performances. Lyudmizla Goodwin, a 10-year-old kid from Lewis& Clark, opened the talent show by singing the 2008 Olympic theme song You and Me in the applause of the audience. Students from Big Sky High School played a melodious song named The jasmine, which brought the audience to the beautiful Jiangnan Watertown. Besides, two boys from Sentinel High School sang an energetic song The flower and the youth in a clear and mellow tune in Chinese, throwing an highlight to the show. After the performance, the Confucius Institute showed the Chinese animation The Monkey King to audience. Little actors and the audience felt the essence of Chinese culture while they enjoyed the movie .

  On October 7,Song bishu and Zhu Xiaohua , teachers of Confucius Institute at UM, was invited to give a performance at Montana State University-Northern(MSU-Northern). they took a 5-hour ride heading for Havre where MSU-Northern is located. Later,the beautiful music, their fancy Chinses costumes, as well as exotic Tibetan dances enjoyed a good round of applause and cheers from the audience.

  Recently, a series of activities on Chinese culture was held by the teachers of Confucius institution in 3 high schools including Sentinel, Hell gate, Big sky and the Lewis & Clark elementary school. They introduced the Chinese culture to students including paper-cut, calligraphy and song, providing them a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy learning Chinese.

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