SWUPL signed an agreement with Hiroshima University on the Co-cultivation of postgraduate students

Author: Chen Yuting Sourece: College News Center

2016-11-07 09:26:00


The symposium (source:heming)

Sign cooperative agreement (source:heming)

  On the afternoon of October 25, 2016,Principal Fu Zitang,Vice Principle Yuan Yongxin of SWUPL signed an agreement on the Co-cultivation of postgraduate students and academic exchanges with Mr. Yasutoshi Teramoto. Vice president of Hiroshima University.
  According to the agreement, each year SWUPL can send 2 students to Hiroshima University as exchange students for a year. The exchange students can opt to learn all the provided lessons, apart from some particular lessons appointed by the exchange university . Both sides reach an agreement to exchange the credit earned in receiving university (only for the special auditors) in accordance with the regulations of each university. Moreover, two universities will have further cooperation on collaboration, scientific research, academic periodicals and so on.

  In the speech, Principal Fu Zitang warmly welcomed Yasutoshi Teramoto with the saying “It is such a delight to have a friend coming from afar” and gave a detailed introduction about the school education history and international communication. Principal Fu said that SWUPL has been cooperating with Japanese University for a long time, up to now, SWUPL has established cooperative relationships with 11 universities, including Waseda University, Tohoku University and so on. Every year, there are 35-40 students from SWUPL studying in Japan as exchange students for one-year or one-term education. Besides, Fu hoped that two universities could promote the cultivation of international talented people trough the Co-cultivation of postgraduate students program and take it as an opportunity to have deeper cooperation in more fields.

  Yasutoshi Teramoto, the vice principle, said that it was his third time to visit SWUPL. He gained a lot during the last two visit, and he hoped that we could promote more academic and education communication by the program, and make contribution to the friendship between China and Japan.

  The Deputy Dean of Joint Graduate School in Hiroshima University Li Junyang, the Division Chief of International Cooperation and Communication Guo Meisong, the Deputy Division Chief of Supervision Department Shi Jinghai, the Dean of the School of Law Tang Li, the Deputy Dean of the school of International Law Pei Pu attended the signing ceremony.

  It is reported that Hiroshima University is a top-ranking national university founded in 1949,and has 3 campuses in Higashihiroshima, Xia and Dongqiantian. Hiroshima University is one of the 16 key comprehensive universities in Japan, an important member of research universities in Top 20.

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