Seven National College Students’ Training Projects Approved to SWUPL on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Author: Wang Jiangcheng Sourece: College NEWS Center

2016-10-27 04:34:00

  The Department of Higher Education has recently issued a notice “About the planned lists of national college students’ training projects on Innovation and Entrepreneurship.” Altogether 107 national college students’ training projects on Innovation and Entrepreneurship have been ratified and seven projects to SWUPL, including five innovation projects and two entrepreneurship projects.

  Our university are entitled to carry out the Training Program of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and the program approved covers such fields as law, management, ethnology, and culture studies. The approved program involves several important subjects like “Viewing the future”, “The research of peasants' lawful rights and interests protection in the context of Villagers' collective self-governance”, and “the contract effect of the minimum-guarantee clause in financial product transactions —based on empirical research”.

  Zhang Huyuan, principal in charge of the project “Viewing The Future”, says that the original intention of the project is to spread Chinese traditional culture in a modern way. The spread of traditional culture among the younger generation is so limited that children are considered to be the target consumption group. We are going to compile plays suitable for children and have them performed via Chinese puppet shows. The parent-child role participation is also included in our plan. Involved in the production of the shadow puppet, they may know more and enjoy more about it. Only in this way, can the puppet show culture be more widely spread.” says Zhang Huyuan.

  The conception of “The research of peasants' lawful rights and interests protection in the context of Villagers' collective self-governance” was inspired by a typical example in the Civil and Law course. One participant of this project named Tang Shulin says that they have been focusing on the judicial problems in the countryside because their members have ever lived in the countryside. She adds that they plan to put forward some suggestions to the related cases so as to protect legitimate rights and interests of peasants by the way of field investigations, researches on related cases, and so on.

  It is reported that the National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program for College Students is an important part of the Ministry of Education's Undergraduate Teaching Project during the Twelfth Five-year Plan Period. For institutions of higher education, this program aims to promote the transformation of their education concept and to reform their training modes of talented people. For college students, it is intended to strengthen their innovation ability, improve their overall quality, enhance their innovation ability and the entrepreneurial competence, and to cultivate students with high quality talents in order to meet the needs of an innovative country and cater for the needs of all walks of life.

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