UWS and SWUPL signing the Articulation Agreement

Author: Xu Siya,Ou Meiling Sourece: College NEWS Center

2016-10-29 04:15:00

sign the Articulation Agreement courses  (source:He ming)

  On the morning of October 24th, Principal Fu Zitang and President of Western Sydney University, Australia, Glover (Barney Glover) signed the “Articulation Agreement" courses. The signature of the agreement marks the entrance into execution of advanced standing, granting degrees.

  Before the meeting, Fan Wei, Party Committee Secretary of SWUPL met with President Glover and his company, and discussed on matters of exchange of teachers and students, teaching practice and others. 

  This agreement involved master of law of Western Sydney University (International Management), aiming to let SWUPL students who attend Western Sydney University get the credits of finished courses in SWUPL. According to the agreement, if the student from SWUPL gets a degree of Bachelor of Law or equivalent (including passing the Legal Judicial Examination), and finishes the study of Master of Law for 3 years or 2 years for a semester of full-time study in SWUPL, and reached 75% or above in all the courses. Then the student can take this project, and enroll in LLM of Western Sydney University (International Management), getting 20 advanced credits top. 

  Principal Fu Zitang said in his speech that the signing of the agreement will vigorously promote the international personnel training level of the university, further strengthening stronger ties between Southwest University of Political Science and Law and Western Sydney University. International cooperation and exchange serve as one of the important functions of universities and we hope that both parties can take this as an opportunity to conduct in-depth cooperation in more areas. We do expect that the professors from the two universities can enhance mutual relationships and cooperation to make joint efforts in the research regarding to certain fields and to hold international symposiums.
Western Sydney University's president Barney Glover said that the excellent alumni highlighted the high quality of scientific researches and teaching methods in SWUPL, and  introduced Western Sydney University in different aspects, from  university rankings, scientific discoveries,  organizational structure, scholarship to the curriculum.

  Yuan Yongxin, vice president of SWUPL, presided over the signing ceremony while Yi-Chen Lan, assistant principal of Western Sydney University, and Wang Zhiqiong, assistant dean of SWUPL Law School, participated in this ceremony. The attendance of the head of Civil and Commercial Law School, International Law School and International Cooperation and Exchanges also included.

  It is said that Michael Adams, president of law school in Western Sydney University, and Wang Zhiqiong, the head of international affairs, visited SWUPL in April, and held a forum with the heads of International Department, Law School, International Law School and Economic Law School of SWUPL. In the forum, we assured each other’s intention of academic cooperation and signed a Memorandum of Exchange Agreement. We then announced the project of Student LL.M. (Master of Law), self-funded student exchange programs and other exchange activities in September.


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