Freshmen began their new journey

Author: Zhang Xu Zhen Yujie ZhangKaiwen Sourece: College NEWS Center

2015-09-11 06:59:00

Opening ceremony(Source: He Ming)

On the evening of Sep.10th, "Pursue Dream in SWUPL" —— new students in class of 2015 opening ceremony and undergraduate military training mobilization meeting kicked off with the folk music, small chorus, hip-hop and other warm up programs. All school leaders and the Chinese people's Liberation Army Chongqing Communication Institute political department director and Colonel Liu Jichang, representative of college teachers and some parents of the new students and more than 6500 class of 2015 new students witnessed this important moment together. 


Secretary Zhang Guolin, Principal Fu Zitang took pictures with freshman scholarship winners(Source: He Ming)


Secretary Zhang Guolin made a speech (Source: He Ming)

Zhang encouraged new freshmen be good graduates four years later 


59 outstanding students from 9 schools shared the scholarship of $570,000 this year, including the First Prize of 7, second 34, Third 18.


After taking photos with freshman representatives, Party Secretary Zhang Guolin encouraged freshmen continue to work hard in the university to become more outstanding. Zhang hoped students can be the outstanding graduates four years later and attend the graduation buffet as representatives. 

Principal Fu Zitang made a speech (Source: He Ming)


Principal Fu Zitang call on freshmen: to learn, think and practice

The principal Fu Zitang began his speech from “practice devotedly” in the motto “learn extensively, practice devotedly, embrace virtue and stress law" to call on students to learn to think, practice and enlightenment whether at the undergraduate level or at the masters or doctoral graduate level. The principal put forward his hope: hoped every student can be decency, honesty and trustworthiness; hoped every student to guard against arrogance and rashness; hoped every student can be hardworking, rigorous and pragmatic; hoped every student can learning by doing and be good at thinking.

representatives of teachers, parents, students, fresh man made a statement(Source: He Ming)


Warm-hearted expectation 

On behalf of the teachers, administrative law school professor Long Daxuan sent word to students. He stressed that the most important thing in university life is “learning”, “self-cultivation” and “being determined”. He hoped that new students can remember the lyrics of the school song which mean with each passing day, keep high Ambition; carry forward the cause and forge ahead into the future and spirit of our university now and forever.

Representative of parents, alumni Cheng Chunhua said, “SWUPL attracts outstanding students from all over the country by virtue of strong teacher resources and good academic atmosphere every year. My children and I are also deeply attracted by SWUPL and hope everyone here can get breakthrough and growth.”

On behalf of students, Wu Yangcheng, the student of 2014 class in school of Journalism and communication, extended a warm welcome to the arrival of new students. He expected new students to be down-to-earth and make efforts for the dream; believe in ourselves and remain upright.  


Launching Ceremony of military training (Source: He Ming)


The sense of belonging brought by SWUPL

In order to make freshmen a sense of belonging, ceremony held a special rite for new students to wear the school badge. Wearing the shiny badge, a freshman officially became the “SWUPL people”.

On behalf of the new students, class of 2015 undergraduate Yang Jialu in the law school represent all the freshmen convey the excitement and expectations of the future life. She said, “Fate led us to choose this school. From now on, we began our new journey for dream.”

Flag Presentation ceremony of military training was also held for the undergraduates of 2015 class. 4540 freshmen will start a period of 19 days of military from the 12th.