2000 jobs recruit talents In graduates “double chosen will”

Author: Zhou Miao/Xia Qiaoling Sourece: College NEWS Center

2015-11-20 02:50:00

On-site recruiting  (Source:Rao Enjie)

Liu Xiangshu,the vice-president is talking with the graduates.(Source:Rao Enjie)

On-site recruiting  (Source: Rao Enjie)


On the morning of November 19th , graduates “double chosen will” in 2016 was held on the second floor of Student Activity Center. Over 2000 jobs offered by 130 companies attracted hundreds of graduating Students. Liu Xiangshu, the vice-president came to the spot, making conversation with students and enquiring the related situations.

There were huge crowds of people on the spot of job fair. Compared with previous years, companies were stronger and various, including law firms, finance companies, insurance companies, management, airline companies, culture media and educational institutions. Many well-known enterprises like Jing Sheng law firm, Chongqing Iron & Steel Group, Office of Chengdu Arbitration Committee participated in the job fair.

Differing from before, when companies tended to recruit the graduates in law major, the number of students in economy, management, journalism and communication, foreign language majors this year greatly increased. Among all the institutions, Chongqing Cai Yi Xing Le culture and Media Company, Beijing Youke Education & Technology Group were noticeable. They picked the website video anchormen, ukulele teachers with English skills. “Graduates in SWUPL have outstanding comprehensive capacity and high level of presentation skills, which are our main objects.” Recruiter Jia Ke mentioned.