Focusing on Teachers' Internationalization: Foreign Teachers in SWUPL

Author: Cui Tingting Sourece: College NEWS Center

2015-05-22 10:35:00

In the year of reform and innovation in deepening the personnel training mode, SWUPL has carried out such  corresponding reform and innovation work as personnel training scheme, the self-evaluation of undergraduate teaching and so on.


In order to promote teachers’ internationalization, cultivate the all-round development of comprehensive talents and realize SWUPL’s education goal of internationalization, SWUPL introduces many foreign teachers. They all have different attitudes and feelings towards the work and life here but they all share one thing in common that they enjoy the life here.





Jennifer, comes to SWUPL from the Coventry University for an opportunity of the exchange and cooperation project. She has been SWUPL for several months and she enjoys the present life a lot.


Although many difficulties are to overcome, Jennifer always takes an optimistic and positive attitude towards everything. Speaking of teaching in SWUPL, she is so proud of the students for their gifts  and knowledges. She is trying desperately to improve herself and creates a relaxed environment for the class.


Maria, from Toronto, finds many difficulties for her to adapt to the climate, cultural differences and food in Chongqing but she is fond of new and odd experiences. Now, she falls in love with this southwest city in China.


The law school of York University has been in cooperation with SWUPL for many years. Maria comes here just through the cooperation project. She tells that she is so lucky to be here as a teacher of Western Legal Negotiation Skills.


In her class, she pays much attention to legal terms and the introduction of Canadian law. She also puts the students in practice and improve by themselves through photos, videos and simulative scenes.


Nolan, from Illinois, after getting the undergraduate degree in the university of Lowa, continues his study of International  law in Drake University. Nolan comes to SWUPL to act as a teacher of American laws for the reasons of improving himself and for the enthusiasm about China.


Because of the huge differences of culture existed between regions, he is at first finding himself in a dilemma. But he adapts to the new environment in no time for the colleagues’ and students’ help.


China is at the important stage of legal reform, in Nolan’s opinion,  and in the future, laws in China is definitely taking a more and more important role.  As a teacher in SWUPL, he is proud of witnessing the reform of China. He believes, students in SWUPL will stand out and make great contributions to China’s legal construction.



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