UNSA Discusses Cooperation with SWUPL

Author: Zhang Chunling Sourece: College NEWS Center

2013-11-21 06:02:00


Fu Zitang, president of SWUPL meeting with Frédérique VIDAL , president of UNSA group (Source:He Ming)


On the afternoon of November 19, Universite de Nice Sophia Antipolis (UNSA) came to SWUPL to exchange and the president Fu zitang met a team of numbers of Universite de Nice Sophia Antipolis(UNSA) including president Frédérique VIDAL and vice president Stéphane Ngômaî in reception room of Qinye building. The symposium between delegations of UNSA and SWUPL was held in the third meeting room of Qinye building. The members participated in the symposium including member of the standing committee of Party Committee, vice president Cao Chunhua, deputy director general of department of international cooperation and exchange Guo Meisong (responsible for work) and Li Lihong, Secretary of the General Party branch of foreign languages college of SWUPL .


At the meeting, the president Fu zitang said, the SWUPL attaches great importance to international exchanges, especially to some friendly exchanges with some universities of European mainland and hopes president’s visit can promote the substantial cooperation between UNSA and SWUPL. Fu president said, current China is pushing forward the construction of the rule of law in China and the most important principle to perfect legal system is to respect and protect human rights. He hopes in aspects of exchange of jurisprudence and experience in construction of rule of law, legal professionals of China can learn more from French counterparts.


In the symposium, the vice president Cao Chunhua firstly welcomed VIDAL president and Ngômaî vice president to SWUPL, after that, he gave brief introduction about school history and talent cultivation of SWUP, especially focus on the construction of law science disciplines and economics disciplines, as well as some information about SWULP exchange and cooperation with foreign colleges and universities. He hoped that in future, UNSA and SWUPL can exchange and cooperate in multiaspect so that the two school teachers and students can benefit from it. VIDAL president introduced the general information of school, subjects ranking and students of UNS. Ngômaî vice president introduced economic law disciplines and criminal law disciplines and hoped that they can cooperate with SWUPL in international aspect of interdisciplinary. Moreover, both sides made specific consultations about students exchange and professors of Universite de Nice Sophia Antipolis to SWUPL teaching.


It is reported that vice president Cao Chunhua will visit Universite de Nice Sophia Antipolis (UNSA) recently. At that time, both sides will comb the consensus reached in this conference and push the implementation of related work as soon as possible.



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