A Delegation of Coventry University Visited and Investigated SWUPL for Cooperative Education

Author: Chen Qu Sourece: College NEWS Center

2013-12-09 11:50:00


Coventry’s vice president David and his parties are investigating the library of SWUPL (source: He Ming)


On December 2nd and 3rd, David, the vice president of Coventry University, and three other delegators visited and investigated Southwest University of Political Science and Law for further schooling cooperation.


David and his parties visited and investigated the new campus (Yu Bei campus) and the old campus (Sha Ping Ba campus) respectively on the environment of the campuses, the installations, campus culture and students’ activities. Meanwhile, they got a general idea about the culture, history, city environment and cuisine culture of Chongqing. What’s more, they had a general investigation on Chongqing’s work environment, life environment, socializing condition, shopping environment, medical system and kids’ education for foreign teachers. The result of their investigation will be presented to the school board of Coventry University as an important reference for their leaders to make decisions on the schooling cooperation with SWUPL.  


SWUPL’s vice president Cao Chunhua welcomed and accompanied the delegation, so do the management committee of Sha Ping Ba campus, International Cooperation and Communication Office, logistic company and other staff of SWUPL.


The schooling cooperation program between SWUPL and the Coventry University is being estimated and reviewed by the Ministry of Educationof People’s Republic of China.


Source:SWUPL News

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