University of Montana Confucius Insitute Celebrated Chinese New Year

Author: Chen Qu Cheng Ren Sourece: College NEWS Center

2014-03-20 04:01:00

The year of the snake has gone, while the year of horse starts. On 2nd,February, 2014, in the full and lively hall of student union in the University of Montana, the annual spring festival gala of the Confucius College in this university began as promised, presenting a banquet of Chinese culture to local students and the residents.


Besides the presidents of primary and junior schools, students, and their parents in Misura, the community residents also heard the information and swarmed to the corridors and hall gate. John Engen, the mayor of Misura, Professor Royce Engstrom, the president of the University of Montana, and Abraham Kim, the head of Mansfield Center of this university came to the spot and delivered a heated speech respectively. Box, the new USA ambassador to China, although could not come to the spot for some reason, he made a video of New Year wishes specially.


With the music, American students in Han-suit and Chinese ethnic costumes came to the stage step by step. Their costume was charming and their dance was ever-changing. The serious look and elegance behaviors calm the noisy hall with all the eyes were caught by “Mysterious China”—Chinese ethnic costume show brought by high school students in Misura, which precluded the gala.


A series of programs such as songs and dances were performed subsequently, conquering the hearts of audiences. Among them, Most Brilliant Ethnic Style by students in Hellgate high School brought the youth spirit and appeal of popular songs. Besides, Beautiful Pasture- My Family by Loyola High School and Sea-My hometown by Anne in Big Sky High School pleased ears of the audience. Familiar melody and melodious songs was filled with the feelings of the hometown, intoxicating them and making them 



Tongue twister from students of Hellgate high School (Source: Ni Qingquan)


Four students from Hellgate high School took their self-made stage property to the stage proudly. Their tongue twisters were idiomatic and humorous, which made audience burst into laughs


The bright trumpet solo- Snail and Oriole by Sentinel High School was performed amazingly, causing endless applause. Then, Ellen and her classmates recited poem with music- Farewell to Cambridge. Through their calm, elegant and soulful performance, the soft water in River Cam by Xu Zhimo crossed oceans with lingering response in each heart seemingly.


With their angel-like voice, the pupils from Paxon primary school surprised everyone by their choral shows in standard Chinese. The well-known Chinese children’s songs, such as Xin Nian Hao, Zhao Peng You, Sheng Ri Kuai Le and Wo De Peng You Zai Na Li etc. sung by the small choral group won long last applauds. These lovely kids may contribute to the Sino-US culture communications in the near future.


The teachers from the Confucius Institute in the University of Montana also arranged a Q&A game during the gala show to light the atmosphere. Everyone was so excited to join the game, in which the winner won good awards that made them so happy. The air was heated to an utmost degree at the moment.


By the end of the gala show, the staff of the Confucius Institute went on the stage, on which Chen Shuhan, the dean of the Institute on the American side, performed a solo of Dong Xiao Jie (Miss Dong) with a guitar, during which applauds and cheer given by the audiences never stopped; and professor Ni Qingquan, the dean of the Institute on the Chinese side, led a team and performed the 24-style-Taiji, which also won a long lasting applauds and praises by their soft but skilled movements. The gala show was ended in one and another wave of applauds, which showed a good understanding, friendship and love between the two cultures.


Most of the performances of the gala show were performed by the students of the Confucius Institute. It’s a big challenge for them because they have learnt Chinese for only one year, or even shorter. However, all of them were so confident to go up to the stage and gave their relaxed but well prepared performances, which won everyone’s applauds. A local TV program even put it as a TALENT SHOW of the Chinese learners in Montana and a window for the locals to learn and appreciate Chinese culture.


In fact, the gala show had been reported a lot by the local media even during its preparation. Journalists of Montana TV, Missoula TV, etc., presented on the gala show and on February 3, the biggest press Missoulian even gave a headline report of it. Thereafter, medias like the Montana TV, Missoula website, etc. also gave reports of the event from all aspects and had in-depth analyses.


The success of this horse year gala show in the Confucius Institute of Montana University helped to spread the influences of the Confucius Institute in Montana, thus helped to spread the Chinese culture and will encourage the Institute a bigger success in future teaching and culture exchanging activities!



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