Coventry University and SWUPL negotiates implement of Sino-foreign joint project

Author: Zou Tong Sourece: College NEWS Center

2014-04-11 09:12:00


conference site (Source: He Ming )


In order to further implement the specific details of Sino-foreign joint project with SWUPL, in the morning of March 28th, Coventry University’s vice president David Pilsbury and his party made a special trip to SWUPL, and the two sides negotiated intensively on detail cooperation in the fourth conference room of Qinye Building. Vice president Cao Chunhua hosted the meeting.


President Fu Zitang firstly welcomed vice president David Pilsbury and his party to SWUPL. He said that through the joint efforts of the two sides, the Sino-foreign joint project between two universities had been formally approved by Chinese Ministry of Education, and financial law had been placed in the main point of Ministry of Education. President Fu hoped that both sides could take discipline advantages. On the premise of first project, two sides could continue to formulate new cooperative running school project among intellectual property rights and accounting, and drawn up to establish a Sino-foreign joint running school institute.


Coventry University’s vice president David Pilsbury thanked SWUPL for the cordial hospitality. He said that Sino-foreign joint project with SWUPL had been placed in the main point of Coventry University. Then he detailed the condition of international teaching, and he hoped that the cooperation between two sides could establish a new platform to serve for Interactive communication between universities.  


In the symposium, two sides also deeply communicated about the improvement of students’ language ability, allocation of teachers and curriculum setting and so on.



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