The Cultural Show of Confucius Institute Displayed China’s Essence

Author: Yang Yuwei Sourece: College NEWS Center

2014-10-05 06:21:00

In the evening of Oct. 3rd, the cultural show was held by  Confucius Institute in Montana to spicy all the activities planned by the institute, providing another cultural feast to the locals. This show chose ‘the essence of culture’ as its theme. Both Chinese and American elements were showed in the party, including dance, instruments and music, which exemplified the convergence of the cultures of the two countries and the friendship between the two peoples.


All the seats in the hall were taken by the students and local residents. They appreciated Chinese traditional decorations such as lantern,Chinese knot, while waiting for the show to begin. With the music growing more vigorous, actors flew to the stage dancing around. In the heavy applause, the show began. The mysterious and amazing Chinese Kongfu skill also won the audiences’heart



Kungfu fan  (Source:Ni Qingquan)


Following the magical Kongfu performance, Miss Jin Hua, from the Confucianist Institute in the university of Montana, created a magnificent and romantic world to all the people by virtue of beautiful Guzheng(Chinese traditional instrument) melody.


Accompanied by the familiar melody and weaving the newspapers in their hands, the students from HELLGATE HIGH SCHOOL sang Nespapers Selling, the household song, bringing everyone back from the Guzheng world. Then the performance of Farewell, a moving song wrote by the famous figure in history - Master Hongyi, presented by Bigshy High School students exhibited the unique charms of culture and arts to the spectators.


Music survives along the time. All the peoples in the world, with different backgrounds, chose the same way to express their feeling about the emotional youth days. When the students from Sentinel High School creatively presented the Chinese song — Let’s go for a sail, the delightful song renewed us our memory of the happy and care-free childhood. Suhan, the president of Confutianist Institute, played guitar and sang the song - those beautiful flowers - got the universal praise of the audiences.


Students of Confucius Institute Summer Camp came to stage one after another to show their fond of Chinese and Chinese culture. Their duet of Two Tigers graced this well-known children’s song. The sorrow melody of Butterfly Lovers made audiences’tear stickle down their cheeks and piano solo of Sun Flower with lively tune also bring them laughter. With the show continuing, audiences, led by actors, experienced the gamut of human feelings, which proved the collision and fusion among different cultures and arts.


Coordinating with elegant music and hosts’ deep explanation, these little ballet dancers expressed Chinese females tragedy, firm and tender vividly with their lightsome dance and flickered body in ballet The White-Haired Girl and The Red Detachment of Women. And dancers of native Indian troupe also performed another two features Montana dance—Indian traditional revelry dance and Montana cowgirl hunting.


Evening party was coming to the end with Little Apple sang by Hellgate High School students. Infected by students’ passion and this heavy rhythm, audience couldn’t help joining the dance with joyful. The most popular song in China now also fired the enthusiasm of local people.


Evening party ended up with long-lasting applause which represented understanding, friendship and love. This cultural feast held by Confucianist Institute fused classical and modern, traditional and fashion, east and west. It was a brilliant evening for local people.


From September 27th, to meet the first global day of Confucianist Institute and celebrate its 10th anniversary, a series of celebration activities, like cultural experience, Chinese traditional music lecture, performance of Beijing Opera, etc. have been held in Montana. Organizers hoped local people get a picture of how great Chinese culture is through such various kinds of activities. And the show on October 3rd evening pushed the whole celebration to the highest heat. People in different color, with different culture and different background gathered together, making their common happiness heard in different language. We have spread Chinese cultural essence--“harmony in diversity”, which our sages proposed over 2000 years ago, to the world.



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