Think tank Chongqing Forum(1st edition)

2015-12-20 01:59:00

Keynote Topic:《13th Five Year Suggestion and 13th Five Year Plan》;《The development between Chongqing and 13th Five Year Plan》.


Keynote Speaker: Yang Weimin, deputy director of the office of the Central Leading Group on Financial and Economic Affairs.


Yang Yuqing, deputy director of Chongqing Standing Committee of the People’s Congress.


Hosts: Wang Jianing, Council president of Chongqing Think Tank.


Time:14:00-17:00pm, 2015-12-12(Saturday)


Place:Academic hall on the first floor of YuXiu Building.


Introduction of the speaker:


Wei-min Yang, deputy director of office of the leading group on central financial and economic and was successively appointed as deputy head, head, deputy secretary general, secretary general of National development and reform commission development plan. Wei-min Yang long engaged in macro policy and the formulation of the medium and long planning of research, who is the main participant and author of a series of important documents, plannings and policies. He participated in the edition of the national "9th Five-year", “10th Five-year", "11th five-year", "12th Five-year" plannings’ outlines.He also presided over compiling of The national functional parts planning , The recovery and reconstruction planning of WenChuan earthquake. He participated in the grafting work of the planning and suggestions of the 18th National Congress and the third , fourth and fifth Plenum of 18th CPC Central Committee. Also he is the major member of the grafting of "11th Five-year "and "12th Five-year" and is one of the main authors of the leaders’ speeches the central economic working conference, the Central Working Conference of Urbanization, Central Finance leading group meeting, the study of the political bureau of the Central Economic Working and other important meeting. He is also the member and liaison of the reformation of  central economic system and ecological civilization system, participating in coordinating a number of major reformation and presiding over the formulation of t he overall scheme of reformation of the ecological civilization system and other important reformations.


Yang Yuqing, deputy director of Chongqing Standing Committee of the People’s Congress.