SWUPL law barrister forum (56th )

2015-12-19 07:19:00

  Lecture topic: Be a lawyer, say the details


  Presenter: Hongbo Liu, deputy director of Chongqing BaiJun law firm,


  Host: Feng Wei, executive vice President of lawyer alumni association , SWUPL


    Time: November 28, 2015 (Saturday) )14:00-16:30PM


  Location: Yucai Building, academic lecture hall on the first floor  



  Lawyer hongbo liu, female, deputy director of Chongqing Baijun law firm in,  bachelor of law , master of law  and PhD of law .She was awarded as the "ten best lawyers" in Chongqing and be the special host in Chongqing television station “big lawyer online" program and a special guest on another program. She has Lawyer practice for seventeen years .


  Lawyer Hongbo Liu devotes herself and has more in-depth research and rich practical experience in the field mainly for finance and investment,corporation merger and reorganization, real estate and construction, personal and family wealth management law. Lawyer Hongbo Liu is nominated as the legal counsel for Longfor Properties, China Everbright bank, Water Investment group, and many other well-known enterprises , and she also takes the post of the legal counsel in Yubei District government, Chongqing municipal land and resources bureau and other government agencies. She has handled a large amount of non-litigation projects concerning investment, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, financing and corporate assets, enterprise architecture arrangement. Besides, she has been the agent of the hundreds of civil and commercial litigation, including the case on the land use right transfer disputes, amount of which reach up to 700 million yuan , the case on housing demolition disputes, valuing more than 200 million yuan ,the case on the commercial housing sale contract disputes ,the amount of which is nearly 300 million yuan , the case on the folk lending dispute involving more than 300 million yuan ,the case on property division in divorce involving hundreds of millions yuan, and a tens of millions yuan legacy disputes.