Lecture of Vice professor Chen gang , College of economics

2015-11-27 12:00:00

  Topic: Empiricism methodology in the study of economics


  Presenter: Vice professor Chen gang ,college of economics, SWUPL


    Host: Pro.Huaiyong wang ,vice dean of the college of economic law ,SWUPL


  Guest: vice professor Yuhu Li , the college of economic law , SWUPL vice professor Sijin Chen , the college of economic law , SWUPL


    Time: November 18, 2015 (Wednesday) at 19:00 PM


    Location : Zhizhi building, room 5205


  Chen gang, male, born in Sichuan Neijiang on March 7, 1981, who is the master of economics, doctor of law, vice professor in the college of economics, SWUPL, and the supervisor of postgraduate. He is interested in research of the development of the politics and economics, legal economics, and offers courses including " econometrics " (undergraduate/graduate students)," macroeconomics " (undergraduate), "financial theory and policy" (postgraduate), and etc.