"Carry Forward Traditional Culture With the Aroma of Zongzi on Dragon Boat Festival" Cultural Experience Activity Was Held in SWUPL

At the scene of the activity (Source: Huang Hao)

"The 5th day of the 5th lunar month is Dragon Boat Festival. People put mugwort leaves and calamus on the top of the doors and fill the hall with their aroma." On the afternoon of May 28th, the cultural experience activity "Carry Forward Traditional Culture with the aroma of zongzi on Dragon Boat Festival", hosted by Trade Union of SWUPL and undertaken by Third Organ Trade Union and Trade Union of School of Economic Law, was held at the dining hall of teaching and administrative staffs of the 3rd canteen in Yubei Campus. Yang Yi, Executive Vice President of Trade Union of SWUPL, Jiang Xiaolan, Party Branch Secretary of Third General Party branch of Organs, Zhang Liangqing, Party Secretary of School of Economic Law and more than 100 teaching and administrative staffs participated in the activity.

Basins were overflowed with crystal glutinous rice. Red beans, egg yolks, Chinese sausages and other fillings were placed on the plates. The slender white cotton threads were wrapped around the wooden chairs in a circle. The air was suffused with aroma of bamboo leaves. The dining hall was full of strong festival atmosphere before the activity began. To help teacher better experience the activity, Trade Union of SWUPL invited pastry chefs from the school canteen to give instructions and demonstrations. With students' folk music and classical dance performance, teachers made Zongzi while watched the CCTV documentary Our Festival · Dragon Boat Festival, filling the room with laughter and music.

Teachers said that they not only learnt how to make Zongzi, but also improved their understanding of this traditional custom, through this activity. They all experienced the charm of traditional Chinese culture.