"Your Voice Touched My Heart" Reading Classic Competition of English Culture Festival Came to an End Successfully

At the scene of the competition (Source: Shi Lei)

Teacher comments (Source: Shi Lei)

The Group Photo (Source: Shi Lei)

At 7:00 PM on May 12th, the final competition reading classic of the English culture festival "Your Voice Touched My Heart" was held at room 4001 of Jingye Building. Dai Xia, Feng Jing and the foreign teacher Lucas acted as judges in this competition.

The competition was divided into two parts: recitations by the contestants and comments by the judges. It was comprehensively tested contestants' ability of material selection and on-site appeal. With standard English pronunciation and language fluency, these well-prepared contestants fully demonstrated the excellent English level and Recitation ability of students of School of Foreign Languages. Among them, Zheng Lishan, a undergraduate, recited 《Three Days to See》 with abundant emotion and strong appeal which won unanimous praise from judges and students. The last student, Zeng Zibin, also performed "Dear Eva April 12th" very well and won a shower of applause from the audience. After the judges’ comments, the competition came to the end, but the students were enthusiastic. Contestants said they looked forward to the next race, in which they could get better results.

This activity was aimed at enhancing students' interest in classic English works and exercising their reading skills, so as to provide a broad stage for the students to show themselves. At the same time, it made it possible for students to give full play to their talents, show themselves in English, and stimulate their interest in learning classic English works by reciting classics.