The Work of Zhao Wanyi, Professor of School of Civil And Commercial Law, Received Favorable Response in Japan

Ethical analysis of Civil Law by Zhao Wanyi, Professor of School of Civil and Commercial Law (Source: School of Civil and Commercial Law)

The literary work "Ethical Analysis of Civil Law" written by Professor Zhao Wanyi of the School of Civil and Commercial Law of SWUPL, published by the international famous Cultural Publishing House (Japan) Co., Ltd. in February this year, was awarded as one of the most influential foreign work in the field of civil law, as one of the excellent publications of the press in 2018.

It was reported that Professor Zhao Wanyi's work, which firstly published by Law Press of China in 2003 and had its second edition in 2012, was a publication of the series “Academic library of SWUPL”in order to celebrate SWUPL’s 50th anniversary. The traditional Chinese version was published by (Taiwan) Wu-Nan Book Publishing Company in 2005. The Japanese version of Ethical Analysis of Civil Law was mainly translated by Professor Cui Wenyu of School of law of Shanghai University and reviewed by Professor Wang Chen of Law School of Osaka City University, in collaboration with Associate Professor Maki Sakamoto of Department of Social and Human Studies of Shizuoka University. MasanobuKatō, a world-renowned civil jurist, Honorary Professor of Nagoya University, Professor of Nagoya Gakuin University, and Eiji Takahashi, Professor of Law School of Osaka City University jointly wrote a preface to the book. It was not only an academic quality work brought out by (Japan) Houritsu Bunka-sha co.,Ltd., but also the first purely academic legal work translated and published in Japan after the foundation of People's Republic of China. It served as a good model for enhancing the impact of Chinese academic works in Japan.