The Second Chinese and Foreign Students Cultural Exchange Festival of SWUPL Was Held

The activity scene (Source: He Ming) )

Live performance of exchange students (Source: He Ming) ) 

Five French girls sang and danced to the song CLAUDETTE SHOW  (Source: He Ming) )

On the afternoon of November 13th, the Second Chinese and Foreign Students Cultural Exchange Festival of SWUPL took place in the first floor of Beiyuan canteen. More than 200 students from 19 countries with folk costumes took part in the festival. Teachers and students of SWUPL could experience the diverse culture, share the delicious food and enjoy traditional folk singing and dancing. Liu Xiangshu, Deputy Secretary of school Party committee, as well as the heads of Student Affairs Office and School of International Education also participated.

The cultural exchange festival started with a song of Sichuan-Chongqing regional characteristics called the Impressions of Eighteen Ladder. Students’ choirs sang beautifully with treble and bass. Students wearing Chinese traditional Hanfu clothes showed Chinese classical culture by performing graceful Chinese traditional dance. In the martial arts performance Scudding Clouds and Flowing Water, students of Martial Arts Association showed the audience Chinese martial art by different motion and gesture.

The audience also sang high praise for Laotian folk dance and traditional Uzbek dance. While the overseas students from Thailand, dressed in their folk costumes,and took dance steps with tiptoes touching the ground gently, which full of great Thai exoticism. Students from China, France and Germany sang well-known songs of their countries with their own languages respectively. There were also two German students accompanied the chorus with electronic keyboard and drum. Five French girls also showed their vigor and spirit of youth through singing and dancing to the song <CLAUDETTE SHOW>.

During the cultural exchange festival, SWUPL students gathered in the food stalls in front of the canteen to have a taste of the food from different countries, experiencing various traditional cultures. The 11 stalls including the Vietnam stall, the Korea stall, the China stall and the Germany stall all exerted their creativity to exhibit their traditional native cultures. Student Song Wen showed unique Cambodian culture through ingenious wood carving and colorful facial makeup. The France stall drew the students' attention with jam and bun which were sold out in just 20 minutes. Vietnamese Spring Rolls, for their delicious taste differing from the Chinese one, appealed to the students. The quaint China stall with the Chinese knots and Chinese ink and wash paintings also won high praise.

It is known that this activity was sponsored by Student Affairs Office as well as School of International Education, co-hosted by Publicity Department of Party committee as well as Youth League Committee and jointly by Postgraduate Self-Development Research Center and College Students' Cyber Culture Studio (Press Crops). In the past few years, SWUPL has held various cultural activities for overseas students. Chinese and Foreign Students Cultural Exchange Festival of SWUPL is one of the most influential activities.