Students from HSE University Came to SWUPL for the Short-Term Exchange Program

On September 17th, the 2018 HSE-SWUPL Student Short-term Exchange Program was unveiled. 12 Russian students along with the leading professor Olga Berzin came to SWUPL. The program last for two weeks.

Group photo (Source: School of International Education)

Courses including brief introduction to Chinese legal system, Chinese economy, Chinese culture experience and Chinese language learning were offered during the exchange. The profound and traditional Chinese culture deeply attracted Russian students. In the paper-cutting class, Russian students showed great interest in the paper-cuts after seeing the red-colored paper transformed into delicate paper-cuts by scissors and couldn't wait to give it a try. Under the instruction of the teacher, they make paper-cuts that were full of Sino-Russian style. Their works have various shapes, such as leaf-shaped, butterfly-shaped, and high boots shape. Of course, the most indispensable is the most traditional "double happiness" pattern. After the class, teacher Yin Xiaoling also brought a solo performance of cucurbit flute,which won much applause and cheers. While at the Mid-Autumn Festival party (was) held on September 20th, the Russian students chatted with Chinese volunteers about the legend of the Goddess Chang'e Flying to the Moon, sharing moon-cakes of different flavors together. With the help of teachers and Chinese classmates, the Russian students also made their own lanterns and expressed their good wishes.

The papercutting class (Source: Zou Dan)

The Mid-Autumn Festival party (Source: Liu Xiaoxiang)

The aim of this exchange program was to help international students have a better understanding of Chinese legal, culture and society, as well as to carry forward traditional Chinese culture and enhance the international visibility of our school. Russia has always been China's important cooperation partner, supporting and taking an active part in the construction of the “Belt and Road” Initiative. This year is the 40th years of China’s reform and opening-up. Chinese and Russian colleges seize the historic opportunity, learn from each other, effectively speed up the construction of universities, build a talented highland, and help the “One Belt, One Road” initiative to be implemented better, to show new heights and prospects of the strategic partnership between China and Russia.