School of International Education Successfully Held 2018 Experience SWUPL Fun Sports Meeting

On the morning of May 27th with drizzling rain, the 2018 Experience SWUPL Fun Sports Meeting hosted by School of International Education was held on our school playground.

Group photo (Source: Zhou Minxuan)

Participating in Experience SWUPL Program together, students from different countries and regions, various schools and grades took an active part in the sports meeting. Participants, in uniforms, got together on the grass in high spirits. Volunteers carrying the equipment arrived early to get ready for the sports meeting. The rain didn't discourage students and lose their interest gathered to participate in the sports meeting, and brought them coolness.

The sports meeting included kicking shuttlecock, tug-of-war and "drilling caves".

As a traditional Chinese game, kicking shuttlecock was unfamiliar to many foreign exchange students. At the time of practice, everyone was enthusiastic and actively trying. Sometimes they still felt it hard to master the skill. However, they enjoyed it to experience the charm of Chinese traditional games.

The game of kicking shuttlecock (Source: Zhou Minxuan)

During the exciting tug-of-war, the fierce competition brought the climax of the sports meeting. Everyone was infected by the spirit of solidarity and teamwork. Although there were many differences in culture and language, each team under the leadership of the captain formed a strong centripetal force and cohesion, jointly made efforts to chase the champion.

The game of tug-of-war (Source: Zhou Minxuan)

"Drilling caves" is Childlike games. Members of each group stood in two lines building the tunnel with their arms and then one by one through the cave. They practiced it again and again trying to speed up and refresh records. Everyone enjoyed it. The entire playground was full of laughter.

The game of "Drilling caves" (Source: Zhou Minxuan)

In addition to enjoying interesting games, participants also got featured souvenirs as well as exclusive memories. At last, the top 3 teams received delicate prizes and and the remaining teams also received souvenirs.

The sport meeting was ended in a happy and harmonious atmosphere. But foreign exchange students were not willing to say goodbye to their new friends. It is hoped that the international students who have experienced the “Experience SWUPL Program” will have a long-lasting friendship with SWUPL students and have their own beautiful future in the international education environment.