The Opening Ceremony of 2018 EXPERIENCE SWUPL Summer Program Was Held

The Opening Ceremony (Source by: He Ming)

On the morning of May 22nd, 2018 EXPERIENCE SWUPL Summer Program opening ceremony was held in the academic hall, first floor of Yucai Building. 87 teachers and students from 18 overseas colleges and universities attended the opening ceremony. It's the fifth session of EXPERIENCE SWUPL Summer Program. The number of students and the number of overseas colleges and universities participating in this program have reached a new height, compared to previous years.
President Fu Zitang made a basic introduction of SWUPL and EXPERIENCE SWUPL Summer Program in English and wished this year's summer program a complete success. He briefly introduced the situation and policies of the international exchange students, and philosophy of running the school "Adhere to open education, actively carry out cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and foreign countries". He also highlighted some of the effective measures for speeding up the improvement of the quality and level of the education of international exchange students, such as international student scholarships, brand courses taught in English and so on. He hoped overseas teachers and students taking part in this program could make full use of this opportunity to experience all aspects of SWUPL. He encouraged Chinese and foreign teachers and students to learn from each other, to harvest the knowledge and friendship, which would become a bridge and tie to strengthen partnership between SWUPL and overseas universities, promoting SWUPL's international influence.
The representative of overseas teachers, Professor Ron Berger from the College of Law and Business Israel, the representative of SWUPL teachers Luo Yong from Business School, the representative of international exchange students, Ronny Dieter Grütze from the Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg, and SWUPL volunteer representative Xian Qinghan from School of Civil and Commercial Law, delivered speeches respectively at the opening ceremony. They all hoped take full advantage of this program to experience different cultures, know each other, strengthen cooperation, promote friendship and make progress together.
It is learned that, EXPERIENCE SWUPL Summer Program is a brand that our school has devoted to the field international cooperation and exchanges, which was designed to help foreign students learn about China's law, economy, society, language, culture and so on. Since its inauguration in 2014, a total of 251 exchange teachers and students from different countries and regions have participated.
It was known that this year's summer program will set up special thematic studies for foreign teachers and students to learn Chinese language, Chinese culture, law, politics, economy, music etc., and learn more about the development and change of China in this new era. Our school would arrange unique cultural experiences and social practices for them, such as appreciating Sichuan Opera, Chinese Kungfu and calligraphy, visiting of Minguo Street and the Ancient Town Ciqikou, making foreign teachers and students have a better knowledge of Chongqing's economic development and cultural features.