The Speech Contest of Young Teachers and Administrators Promotes SWUPL “Double Tops” Construction

At the scene of the competition (Source: He Ming)

As the May Fourth Youth Day approaches, in order to better propagandize and implement the spirits of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, study and grasp Xi Jinping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, and encourage young teachers and administrators to contribute to "Double Tops" construction in SWUPL, the speech contest named "Taking action for 'Double Tops'", launched by the Faculty & Staff Union and the committee of young teachers and administrators, was held on the afternoon of April 24th, 2018 in the lecture hall of the library.

Young faculty from 18 branches of the Faculty & Staff Union play on the same stage to show their elegant demeanor, making the atmosphere very enthusiastic. Liu Mengqi from School of Civil and Commercial Law narrated that how a new teacher worked actively to make contribution to "Double Top" construction. Luo Mei from Sports Department described the importance of first-class sports in "Double Top" construction vividly with the theme of "Complete personality, the first in sports". Wang Ting from School of Business with the theme of "Keeping to your original aspiration leads you to success", shared us her thoughts and experience in "Double Top" construction. Many wonderful speeches such as "Craftsmanship spirit Cast 'Double Tops' construction" of Huang Xi from School of Politics and Public Administration, "Improving managing service promotes 'Double Top' construction" of Zhang Jun from the Party and Government administration office with different characteristics also won the warm applause from the audience.

Judge Ouyang Ruixuan made professional comments. As she said, contestants combined their jobs and personal feelings and thought deeply about "Double Top" construction in many aspects such as dream, beliefs, patriotism and responsibility, expressing their thoughts and intentions. The teachers through an impassioned speech showed the heavy responsibility of being a teacher and their honored mission in "Double Top" construction, which passed positive energy and reflected the wonderful political accomplishment and spiritual outlook of young teachers and administrators, bringing us a spiritual feast.

Rated by the judges, there were 4 first prizes,5 second prizes and 5 the third prizes in this speech contest.