Multi-culture Blooms Like the Flower---Confucius Institute at University of Montana Show Chinese Culture

At the scene of the activity (Source: The Confucius Institute)

At the scene of the activity (Source: The Confucius Institute)

On April 8th, University of Montana in the USA greeted the 26th International Culture Festival. As the grandest international celebration day in the Montana, it provides teachers, students as well as the local people with a golden opportunity to learn exotic cultures and customs.

In the early spring of Missoula, after suddenly getting warmer, the weather has turned cold again. However, it couldn’t stop people’s eagerness to learn about the world. They brought with their families to the center of University of Montana to experience the international culture.

The university center was full of enthusiastic people. The most interesting thing was the "children's world" at the entrance, where children line up to get "passports" and then go to each countries’ booths to cover "stamps", traveling to their favorite country in this way. On the third-floor corridor, and the university's performing art hall, there are many booths showing different culture from international students, which attract a lot of attention. The most splendid was college performing arts hall, which is full of world flags. The students from China, Russia, Japan, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Ghana and other countries, performed through song and dance, crosstalk, Musical Instruments, to show their characteristic culture. The Chinese students and scholars association showed the Chinese cheongsam, performed singing and dancing and erhu solo, which won the applause of the audiences.

The cultural exhibition of Confucius Institute is located in the performing hall, which attracts countless local people. They inquired about the Chinese language teaching program of Confucius Institute, read the Chinese picture books, and learned how to write calligraphy. On the exhibition, all the Chinese cultural elements, like feather shuttlecock, shadow puppet, abacus, panda, Chinese knot and big red lantern, make people feel curious and excited! Especially the children, they were so happy to get the balloon with their own Chinese name.

All day long, the teachers of the Confucius Institute received several waves of visitors and patiently answered all their questions. A woman named Carrie talked about her upcoming trip to China, but she worried that she may get in trouble, because of U.S. trade policy annoyed the Chinese people. The teacher of Confucius institute comforted her that China and the United States are interdependent, it is normal to have differences between them. As long as we treat each other equally and friendly, we will definitely find a solution to this problem. The Chinese people are very hospitable. Her trip to China will be happy and smooth. Moreover, teachers told her some things she need to pay attention to in China. She was very touched! Others shared their experiences of living and studying in China with teachers from the Confucius Institute. When it comes to how to look at the development of China today, the American people use some words: China's economic development is world-shocking. The main reason is due to the wisdom and hard-working of the Chinese! Of course, there are people who don't know about China. Some people even ask: is there an arranged marriage in China? Is it legal to abandon children in China, and so on? The teachers of the Confucius Institute answered all of them. Through the communication, they enhanced understanding, and learned to tolerate, respect and accept exotic culture. which refect on the purpose of the Confucius Institute and the significance of the international cultural festival of the University of Montana.