International Journal Essay from Associate Professor Zhang Ji receiving the Award of the Winning Essay of CPAR

On the March 11th, 2018, the delegates of editorial committee from the Chinese Public Administration Review and some invited experts gathered at the American Society for Public Administration Annual Conference in Denver, the United States, discussing and announcing the winner of the best essay and winning essays published in the CPAR in the past year, to encourage research on public management in China.

Marc Holzer, the Editor-in-Chief of CPAR, and Elaine Yi Lu, the executive editor, handed out awards to the winners. The Illusion and the Reality of Chinese Budget Reforms: Does Budget Influence Corruption Perception, written by Zhang Ji, the associate professor from School of Politics and Public Administration in SWUPL, was awarded the winning essay.

It was the first time that the professor in School of Politics and Public Administration had won the prize in an international essay contest. This essay was issued together with essays written by David H. Rosenbloom, a guru of public administration Administrative management, Kenneth Meier, globally known expert on Public management and Laurence O’Toole, Jr in CPAR.